The Acorn Tree

Early Childhood Centre


The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre is a full day,
licensed group program for children 3 to 5 years of age,
offering a nature based, play based, enriched preschool curriculum.


At The Acorn Tree

Children and families are celebrated, honoured and empowered. Our program focuses on building strong and positive relationships. Our curriculum is based upon a deep respect for nature and our environment, for ourselves, our families, our friends, our community, for education, and for our unlimited potential and opportunities.

We advocate a lifelong love of learning; we offer inspired, inclusive, and enriched developmentally appropriate activities to nurture each child’s early physical, cognitive, emotional, social & spiritual (moral) growth.

Loving Words from Parents

“Thank you for providing such a nurturing and inspiring environment for us. I have seen so much growth in J&E over the past year and a half, and attribute much of it to them attending your program.”


“Miss Elidah, thank you for such a great preschool year. K has learned and matured so much this past year. Your passion, dedication, and love of the kids is so special!”


“Miss Elidah was able to accommodate my Granddaughter who needed an outlet when her twin sisters arrived prematurely. The fun she had, and the special care that was taken… we highly highly recommend Elidah’s amazing program and her awesome staff. Thank you,Elidah, for all you did for our family. Parksville is lucky to have you!”


“When I met with Elidah, I instantly felt a connection. She has a bright, happy, and peaceful presence, and exudes love and compassion. I saw that this was clearly someone who was working with young children because of a true passion, and a love for early learning. In the time that my son has attended her preschool, he has gone from being painfully shy to being confident and social. Every day, important social skills such as kindness, sharing and compassionare taught and reinforced in a safe and healthy environment. The children also work on basic early learning concepts such as letters and numbers, spend lots of time reading, singing, and doing arts and crafts. They go outside to play everyday, and they are collectively and individually developing caring and nurturing relationships with the world around them.”


“We are so grateful that we discovered Elidah. Her children’s programming is top notch, and includes a wide variety of themes and activities that keep kids engaged and motivated. Along with her staff, Elidah saw our son’s uniqueness; and with their insight, nurturing, and gentle nature, they brought him out of his shell. We will always remember with fondness our son’s memorable preschool experience.”


“Immediately upon meeting Elidah and viewing her classroom space, I knew this was the right fit for our family. Elidah is such a warm, energetic, kind and nurturing person, and these qualities also resonate with her staff. She has created such a wonderful learning environment, where my children feel comfortable using their imagination, being creative, and interacting with others. Her teaching model incorporates the values that our family shares.


“We moved from Vancouver to Nanoose Bay in the summer.
We are so grateful that we found Elidah’s program. Our daughter T was immediately at ease in the beautiful classroom, with Elidah, and her staff. I had the sense that Elidah immediately understood her, and took the time to really get to know her, in their days together. It helped so much with our transition to know that she was nurtured through play, song and creativity, and that she was given such warm care by her teachers and classmates.”


“Thank you for taking the best care of our little boy. I’m grateful that we were able to benefit from the wonderful school you have built. To have had the peace of mind that he
was in a loving, safe, stimulating and happy environment was such a gift. The time and attention you afford each family is amazing. You exceeded any expectation I had. I feel D’s experience with you has better prepared him to enter kindergarten. He currently is
practicing writing his letters and letter sounds with a surprising amount of enthusiasm! I also very much appreciate the time and support you have given me when I’ve felt a little lost with parenting. I am so proud that you are part of our community.”


“Elidah, it is so, so wonderful you are opening The Acorn Tree!!!!
I’m so happy you’ll be influencing more children with your holistic vision!”


“Elidah’s program was the perfect fit for our family. The traditional teaching philosophies that inspire it,Waldorf,Reggio Emilia and Montessori are ones that our home encompasses as well. My son benefitted from Elidah’s calm and loving approach to learning. The space she creates for the children is beautiful, you find yourself surrounded by nature in a whimsical way that captures your attention. “


Specialized Education

The Acorn Tree is inspired by, and creates an emergent preschool learning curriculum based upon a fusion of three worldly respected, traditional early childhood teaching philosophies:


An early childhood philosophy which began in Germany; focusing on strengthening a child’s affinity with the natural world; based upon the importance of nature, movement, fantasy and play. It nourishes and protects a child’s inborn sense of awe, wonder, play and imagination.

“Accept the child with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom.” – Rudolf Steiner

The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre


An Italian educational approach created based upon the principles of active curiosity, respect, responsibility, relationship and community building through self-guided exploration, creativity and discovery in a supportive environment. Observation, experimentation, documentation, and interesting ingredients for imaginative play are utilized. Emergent, curiosity driven, child initiated, hands-on learning.

“Children are endowed with a hundred languages through which they can express their ideas” – Loris Malaguzzi


A practical educational style that began in Italy, which encourages a child’s innate desire to learn. This early academic curriculum respects the intelligence and individuality of each child; allowing them the freedom to explore and express themselves in their own way, at their own pace, while being supported and challenged. The child develops intellectual curiosity, confidence, independence, self-respect, and respect for the world around them.

“A child’s work is to create the person she will become… We are helping the child to help themselves” –Maria Montessori


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The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre
The Acorn Tree Early Childhood Centre

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